Amy Conrad

Juniper Point (JP) is where science and business meet to ignite the substance of your company’s value proposition. JP collaborates with innovative companies that have the potential to make a transformative difference in the lives of patients in need. We live for opportunities where we can use our unique perspective to enrich a story, engage the Wall Street ecosystem, and enable long-lasting strategic growth.


  • Pre/post-IPO counsel
  • Wall Street navigation
  • Private or project financing counsel
  • Investor relations, public relations & communication advisory services
  • Evaluation of growth opportunities in biotech (academic projects to industry)

Amy N. Conrad

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enrich the story

We like big ideas. But big ideas mean complex stories. And communicating complexity is always a challenge. At JP, we believe that complexity can be made simple by focusing on the substance of a company’s core value, then bringing it to life through an inspiring story. The magic of storytelling does not lie in the words on a website, a press release or slide presentation- it comes from harnessing the power of substance to captivate your audience. When JP enriches a message and refines a story, our goal is simple – to excite scientific curiosity, build confidence and inspire action.

engage wallstreet

Just like big ideas, understanding how to navigate the Wall Street ecosystem of investment bankers, research analysts, institutional investors and capital markets experts can be complex. It’s never too early to develop a presence on Wall Street and become relevant among these audiences. Whether you’re a start-up looking to increase your exposure to raise capital, building toward an IPO, or are a well-established entity, JP can help you engage Wall Street to achieve your desired goals.

realize value

We believe we bring a unique vantage point to your vision – calibrating outward-facing messaging and identifying, understanding and projecting your value across the entire ecosystem. We leverage that knowledge to ensure all companies receive the highest institutional commitment from Wall Street, enabling long-lasting relationships that will grow with you, your science and your story.

View Point
13 June 2016
San Diego Business Journal - Amy Conrad of Juniper Point helps clear the dollar signs out of the eyes of entrepreneurs so they can focus on the complications that come to startups through various funding avenues. Her advice is part of SDBJ's Startup Page debut. | Read more

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